Parking Madariaga

In Bilbao - Avenida de Madariaga 1

All online subscriptions & reservations are discounted !

All online shoppings have a minimum discount of 5% on the Official Rates

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HOW does it work?

  • It is necessary to enter NUMBER PLATE when purchasing any product​

  • When making a Reservation or when purchasing any Permit, you will be registered automatically in the car park Access Control System. It is that easy!

  • When you arrive at the Car Park, place your car next to the ticket dispenser. Reading cameras will identify your number plate and barriers will be lifted. You may come in! 

  • At the end of the purchase process, on your personal page you may see past purchases and your personal details. You can save it for future transactions 

  • At the time of making a Reservation, you have to state your arrival date and the number of day of your staying


WHERE are we?


Avenida Madariaga 1

(access through Heliodoro de la Torre 14)

48014 Bilbo

Tel: +34 689 752 364



iPark Estacionamientos y Servicios SA

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